Client Testimonial

"The YMCA of Central Massachusetts has been working with Macrolease for many years to finance our wellness equipment acquisitions. We have found the process helpful from a budgeting point of view and seamless from an operations point of view. From my perspective it is a true win-win partnership".

Michael E. Strand
Vice President of Administration/CFO
YMCA of Central Mass.

Our History

Macrolease has been in business since 1969 and has been owned by Bank RI since 2005. Over one and one half billion dollars in equipment has been leased by us over the years which has provided us with an enviable reputation in the leasing and vendor communities. We specialize in the fitness, recreation, healthcare, non-profit, and franchise markets among many others.

We believe that success results from hard work, remaining principled in what we do and providing the most competitive services available. Being bank owned allows us to compete with all other leasing and commercial financing sources and our seasoned staff with leasing management experience exceeding 150 years provides our client and vendor base with unequaled support.

Today, Macrolease Corporation continues to thrive as a bank-owned and bank-financed leasing company yet retains its independent management and entrepreneurial spirit.