From Our Team

"We offer a variety of terms, structures, and options to fit your budget. Our tailored programs allow you to make affordable lease payments while enjoying the many benefits of your new equipment."

Carol O'Sullivan
Collections Manager
Employee since 1997


When does my lease begin?

The lease begins when you receive and accept the equipment and authorize us to release payment to one or more of your vendors.


Is it possible to include equipment from more than one vendor?

Yes; many of our leases include multiple vendors.


Do you provide financing to start-up fitness clubs, personal training and spin studios?

Yes; we have provided financing for many start-up ventures. Approval terms are based on the ownership’s experience and financial strength.


Is there a maximum or minimum lease amount?

Our leases range from $10k upwards to several million dollars.


Are your interest rates fixed or variable?

Our rates are fixed. The monthly payment we quote you will be the same payment you’ll be paying when your lease commences.


Are Personal Guaranties required?

It depends on the ownership structure of the company. They are usually required on closely held companies. If we are lending to a public entity, Not-for-Profit, building association or real estate venture, personal guaranties are usually not required.


How long does it take to process a credit approval?

Typically within 24-48 hours of receiving a complete credit package.


How long are credit approvals valid?

120 days from approval date


Do you write SBA transactions?

Yes; our parent bank is a Preferred SBA lender and we write many SBA transactions a year in conjunction with an Equipment Lease through Macrolease.


Do you write leases for Not-for-Profit [501(c)(3)] entities?

Yes; a serious amount of our business is written to a variety of Not-for-Profit entities including YMCA’s, JCC’s and some universities.


Does Macrolease write Fair Market Value Purchase Option [FMV] leases?

Yes; we write many FMV leases for good quality equipment and Lessee’s with quality financial strength.


Will Macrolease lease TI’s or Leasehold Improvements to a financially responsible Lessee?

Yes; providing that a majority of the amount we’re leasing is hard equipment and the Lessee can demonstrate an ability to repay.


Can I pay off a lease early?

After receipt of 12 timely payments, a buyout figure will be provided upon request, discounting unearned interest.


Can I add to my current lease?

We can make some adjustments to the lease within a few months of funding depending on the amount being added and the length of time since the lease started. It may be appropriate to write a new lease for the additional items.


What’s the longest term you will allow?

Typically 5 years is the upper limit, however, we make exceptions based on the collateral and financial strength of a lease.


Do you charge interim rent?

No, we do not charge interim rent. You will only pay for the agreed upon number of payments as per your lease.