Vendor Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of working with Macrolease for many years, most recently in my position as Leasing Manager for Matrix. Macrolease processes each transaction quickly and efficiently. They understand our market extensively and have helped us expand our sales opportunities with their creative approval terms. The staff has years of experience and is reliable, honest, helpful and easy to work with. They are, by far, the most efficient and fastest lender in our industry. I would recommend Macrolease to any business seeking a strong vendor/lender relationship.”

Tracy Hall
Leasing Manager
Johnson Health Tech North America d/b/a Matrix Fitness

Financing Programs

Macrolease prides itself on having decades of both formal and informal relationships with numerous suppliers and manufacturers. Our programs are structured to meet the needs of the vendor's customers, thus providing the vendor with a strong sales support mechanism. Whether you are simply looking for a reliable and competitive leasing referral source to aid your sales force or you require a more formal financing partner, who can possibly provide private label services, a call or email to us can be your answer.


Macrolease has provided many formal programs to equipment manufacturers and dealers over the years. These programs can take many forms including Ultimate Net Loss [UNL] facilities , vendor guaranty programs, both partial and full, Private label partnerships, Participation facilities where Vendors partner with Macrolease by proving some of the funds needed to finance customer paper, and bundled billing programs where vendor servicing fees are included on the lessee's monthly invoice. Upon collection, the service fees are remitted to the vendor.


These programs are less formal in that they usually don't require Program Agreements and are most efficiently used when a Vendor or dealer refers transactions to Macrolease on a deal by deal basis. This process allows the vendor to evaluate Macrolease's services prior to committing to a more formal customer financing program with us.

We have a long history of satisfying our many vendor relationships and are confident that we can do the same for you.