Vendor Testimonial

“Macrolease has been a preferred leasing source of choice for Gym Source for more than twenty years. Macrolease is not only an outstanding financial company of great integrity, they are an extension of our sales team, entrusted with our most valued customers”.

Bill Kemnitzer
Sr. Vice President
Gym Source

Private Label Programs

Macrolease Private Label Programs


Macrolease has a history of providing Private Label financing facilities to financially responsible manufacturers and dealers who wish to present themselves as having their own finance/leasing companies. This "product" is provided to those manufacturers and dealers who have demonstrated that they can produce a consistent annual leasing volume and also have strong financial capabilities. Macrolease handles all of the administrative duties and provides all of the funding, all in the name of the manufacturer or dealer.

This financing "product" is a unique and productive opportunity for higher volume leasing producers.


This facility allows a manufacturer or dealer to mix [bundle] service fees in with the monthly equipment rental. Macrolease includes the billing for the servicing fees in with the monthly payment and periodically forwards the collected funds to the manufacturer or dealer. There is a separate service contract between the leasing customer and the manufacturer which includes an acknowledgement from the customer that they are aware that Macrolease is billing these servicing fees on behalf of the manufacturer or dealer. This program permits the servicing provider to eliminate billing expenses and to sell their customer longer term servicing contracts. Bundled Billing is made available to financially strong manufacturers and dealers who have a history of providing seamless servicing to their network of customers.

This program is unique and a strong income opportunity to the stronger equipment manufacturers and dealers.