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Financing Programs

Macrolease prides itself on having decades of relationships with numerous suppliers and manu­facturers. Our programs are structured to meet the needs of the vendor’s customers by providing the vendor with a strong sales support mechanism. Whether you’re looking for a reliable and competi­tive leasing referral source to aid your sales force or you require a more formal financing partner, who can provide private label services, a call or email to Macrolease can be your answer.


These programs can take many forms including Ultimate Net Loss (UNL) facilities, vendor guaranty programs, both partial and full, private label partnerships, participation facilities where vendors partner with Macrolease by providing some of the funds needed to finance customer paper, and bundled billing programs where vendor servicing fees are included on the lessee’s monthly invoice. Upon collection, the service fees are remitted to the vendor.


These programs are less formal in that they usually don’t require Program Agreements and are most efficiently used when a Vendor or dealer refers transactions to Macrolease on a deal by deal basis. This process allows the vendor to evaluate Macrolease’s services prior to committing to a more formal customer financing program with us.

Private Label Programs


Macrolease has provided Private Label financing facilities to financially responsible manufacturers and dealers who wish to present themselves as having their own finance/leasing companies. This “product” is reserved for manufacturers and dealers that have demonstrated that they can produce a consistent annual leasing volume and have strong financial capabilities. Macrolease handles all of the administrative duties and provides all of the funding, in the name of the manufacturer or dealer.

This financing “product” is a unique and productive opportunity for higher volume leasing producers.


This program allows a manufacturer or dealer to mix [bundle] service fees in with the monthly equipment rental. Macrolease includes the billing for the servicing fees in with the monthly payment and periodically forwards the col­lected funds to the manufacturer or dealer. There is a separate service con­tract between the leasing customer and the manufacturer which includes an acknowledgement from the customer that they are aware that Macrolease is billing these servicing fees on behalf of the manufacturer or dealer. This pro­gram permits the servicing provider to eliminate billing expenses and to sell their customer longer term servicing contracts.

Bundled Billing is made available to financially strong manufacturers and deal­ers who have a history of providing seamless servicing to their network of customers.

This program is unique and a strong income opportunity to the stronger equipment manufacturers and dealers.

Leasing 101 Workshops for Vendor Sales Staff

Macrolease provides thorough and yet user friendly training sessions for ven­dor sales people on how to utilize the leasing product in selling their equip­ment. These training sessions are available at your place of business, at trade shows, sales meetings, off site or in our corporate offices. Training materials are provided and our instructors are our own senior management and sales team who, individually, and as a team, have decades of experience in provid­ing this priceless opportunity.

Manufacturers and dealers consistently take advantage of this work­ shop tool.

Contact us for more info about these workshops or to arrange for us to meet with your sales staff.