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Programs for Your Needs

We offer a variety of lease terms, structures and options to fit your budget and the needs of your company. We will tailor a program that allows your company to make affordable lease pay­ments while enjoying the many benefits of your new equipment.


Equipment Finance Agreements are loans. The primary difference between a lease and a loan is that the customer retains title to the equipment, and the lender places a lien against the equipment. The lien is released when the loan is satisfied. EFAs are often used to finance motor vehicles or other types of equipment that present a potential personal injury liability to the lender.


Refinancing allows businesses to utilize accumulated equity in existing equipment for working capital, debt consolidation or even business expansion. By consolidating multiple loans into a single and seamless loan, companies can drastically reduce their monthly expenses.

Municipal Leases

Macrolease offers municipal leases to city, town and state entities that wish to acquire new or used “essential use” equipment. This program allows municipalities to leverage the purchasing power of their current appropriations by the length of the lease term.

Other Programs


“Interest only” payments for three to six months can be obtained, subject to credit approval.


This program addresses a lessee’s particular cash flow requirements. Payments are structured to start out low and increase during the lease term.


This program addresses the seasonal nature of a customer’s business. Payments are structured to accommodate yearly seasonal fluctuations in income.