From the CEO’s Desk: Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance is like Cardio for your Business

We all know that adding a cardio routine to your workouts is good for your heart. It helps burn fat and improves your stamina. It’s probably the most critical component for your long term health. Lifting weights makes you look good but cardio makes you healthier. Well, Equipment Finance is the Cardio of business financing.

Acquiring the capital equipment you need to run your business can be a stressful and expensive proposition. You need the latest and greatest equipment to service your customers and attract new ones. But how can you pay for it in the most effective way? You might feel like you have to tap into your cash reserves or bank lines of credit to buy your equipment. Paying cash for your equipment, like weight lifting, will limit your flexibility, bloat your balance sheet and may not help your business for the long run. What you need to find is a good cardio program. An equipment finance cardio program that allows you to pay for the equipment over time, preserving your cash reserves and leaving your working capital lines available to help you growth. This leaves your business flexible, lean and mean; with increased stamina and a healthy heart. It also allows you to match the cash expense of the new equipment with the revenue that it will generate over time. It’s kind of like taking a spin class. It makes your business healthier and leaner now while also making it possible to live longer.

Weight training makes you look good. Cardio makes you healthier. Equipment Finance is the Cardio of business financing. What your business needs for a longer, more flexible and healthier life.

Since 1969, Macrolease, a BankRI company, has been providing companies with creative equipment finance solutions to help grow their business. We know what it’s like to start a new business or expand an existing one. We can help you choose the equipment you need and structure the best financing package that meets the unique needs of your business. Like a good cardio routine, your business will be more flexible, leaner and with a stronger heart. But our workout won’t make you sweat. Our process is fast, simple and personal. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure that you come out of it better than when you started.

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